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Lancaster Castle

Lancaster Castle, owned by HM The Queen in right of Her Duchy of Lancaster, is often known as John O' Gaunt's Castle and is one of the most historically interesting buildings in Lancashire. Its beginnings date to Roman times and, from its commanding position on the hill overlooking Lancaster and the River Lune, it stood as a bastion against the marauding forces of Picts and Scots. Today, it is managed by Lancashire County Council and is used as law courts and a prison. It is still possible however to take a tour of this unique building in the company of one of our very knowledgeable guides to see:- - where the Lancashire Witches were tried, convicted and condemned to die - the beautiful Gillow furniture in the Grand Jury Room where Queen Victoria dined - the 'Drop Room' where convicted prisoners were taken for execution - the dungeons, re-discovered in 1931 - 'Hanging Corner' where hundreds of condemned prisoners were publicly hanged in front of cheering crowds - the magnificent Shire Hall, with its display of heraldic shields dating back to the 12th Century - the Crown Court from where convicts were transported to Australia

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